How Much Does The Media Cover Trump vs. Wikileaks? This Number Is AMAZING

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The site reported that in the period between last Friday evening, October 7, to Thursday morning, October 13, the morning and evening news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC spent 4 hours and 13 minutes reporting on accusations against Donald Trump for sexual harassment and/or assault, while the revelations from Wikileaks regarding Hillary Clinton's staff's emails received coverage for a paltry 36 minutes. That's literally a 7-to-1 ratio.

As Newsbusters' Nike Ciandella pointed out on Wednesday, the specifics of how Hillary Clinton maintained a close relationship with journalists were largely ignored by the media.

Newsbusters added:

Journalists quick to be critical of Trump dismissed the entirety of the email leak as a "distraction" (Nancy Cordes, CBS This Morning on October 13) with "no major bombshells" (Kasie Hunt, NBC's Today on October 8). CBS This Morning on October 13 even invited on New York Times correspondent Mark Leibovich to talk about the leaked emails, -- a reporter who himself was featured in the leaked emails for having Hillary Clinton approve one of his stories about her. Yet not a single CBS "journalist" even mentioned this huge potential conflict of interest.

Courtesy of Newsbusters, data has been gathered illustrating how severe the bias of the media is in favor of Hillary Clinton.

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