Have the GOP Elite formed a dark scheme to lose the GOP hold on the U.S. Senate

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By Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service 

Have the GOP Elite formed a dark scheme to lose the GOP hold on the U.S. Senate, betraying America to the planned destruction of our country by the Soros and the Democrats? 

Everything Mitch McConnell does seems to weaken the party and help the Democrats.  Coming off a big win in the Dem led government shut down, McConnell and the GOP establishment, sucker punched the GOP and America with a Schumer led two-year spending package that gave the GOP nothing, including no wall or border security while funding the Mueller investigation and assaulting the nation with more record spending and crushing deficits.  It is beginning to become clear that McConnell and the swamp believe the best way to stop the Trump agenda, is for him as the establishment's lackey, to only offer establishment candidates and enrage enough Republican voters to assure low turnout allowing the Dems to take over.  

If the establishment led GOP were anything but the weak, floundering party of betrayal they are, they would be so far out in front in this election that the Dems would be little more than a past memory.  But fortunately for the Democrats, elitist GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, have vowed to make every creature in the DC swamp a protected species.    

Let’s face it.  Democrats stand for nothing in this election.   They swoon over higher taxes, which means less money in voter’s pockets.  They applaud open borders which means higher crime, disease, loss of jobs for Americans, hundreds of billions in welfare, housing assistance, food assistance, outrageous medical and emergency room costs and crowding our schools with millions of illegal children.  Illegal immigration has even caused a repid rise in prison costs.  A recent study by the Bureau of prisons tells us that 20% of the U.S. prison population is illegal aliens.  

Democrats have not helped the economy they have fought every move the Trump administration has implemented to spur the growth in the now rapidly recovering economy. 

Republicans should be winning in a lapper, when the only message of the Democrats is Russian collusion and “We hate Trump.”  Frankly, they have taken on a dark cartoonish personna backed by the pravda echo chamber whith is the mainstream media.  But notice I said, they should be wining but polling clearly indicates they are not.  At best it is a tie.  

Here is a great case study - Claire McCaskill

The long serving McCaskill is running for reelection in Missouri, a state that Trump won by 20% in 2016.  But even in a state Trump won it is typical that an incumbent she should have soaring lead. only looking back to see if her opponent Josh Hawley is still in the race.  

But she is a not just a weak candidate, she is a horrible candidate with her only significant votes being in support of the failed ObamaCare program, the disastrous ‘2009 stimulus’ that cost Americans $1 trillion with nothing to show for it and her active support of open borders.   This is in itself ironic. 

In her weekend messaging to her supporters McCaskill sent a promo piece touting her support for a government plan to stop Social Security fraud.  That is course is an interesting position knowing she supports open borders and illegal immigration.  Illegal immigrants routinely use forged or stolen Social Security Numbers and identity theft to gain access to the U.S. banking and welfare systems. 

 As Americans we get a Social Security number when we are young, so that when we age, this system that we’ve paid into our entire lives will help us live out our “golden” years supplementing our retirements which theoretically allows us to live with a degree of peace, dignity and security.  I say theoretically because as we all know, Congress has stolen the money from social security fund since Lyndon Johnson changed the rules and gave Congress the ability to “borrow” those funds with a little sleight of hand which moved the money from a trust to the general budget.   

With a sell rehearsed use of identity theft and fraud, illegals coming to this country have found ways to scam the system using children’s stolen Social Security numbers to open fraudulent credit cards, bank accounts, obtain drivers licenses, and many government “benefits” in the names of these kids, before they are even in high school.  

And yet while supporting illegal immigration and the routine fraud on the Social Security System, McCaskill says that Social Security fraud is the most important issue facing this nation?

Such hypocrisy.  She is fully aware of both how, and how many immigrants defraud the system?

Understanding the information on the pathetic nature of McCaskill's candidacy, it would be easy to conclude that she would be losing badly in the polls.  But Interestingly, the GOP has been so weak that in this remarkable election year she is still competitive in the Senate race in Missouri trailing her opponent Josh Hawley by only a couple of points. That is remarkable, but then again the GOP has patented the process of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Contributing to her weakness, McCaskill is actively avoiding any mention of corruption at the DOJ and FBI, which polls show is a raging issue for everyday Americans.  No, corruption at the senior level of law enforcement in this nation is not important to Claire.  Nor is she speaking about the $150 billion her party’s president gave to the Iranians even while they knew that the Russians were helping Iran with their nuclear program.  And of course, she is not talking about Democrats and Hillary Clinton selling 25% of our uranium to a hostile regime Russia and Putin.   She is scrupulously avoiding any mention of Seth Rich and his alleged hacking of the DNC servers and leaking the information to WikiLeaks or about his murder after he leaked the Clinton emails  

 So where is the GOP and Josh Hawley in all of this?  Even with the well-publicized corruption in the Democratic party, the Obama and Hillary Clinton scandals, the race is neck and neck.   In a race that should no longer be competitive given the pathetic nature of McCaskill candidacy, she and poor old Josh are in a virtual tie, he is languishing within the margin of error in the Missouri senate race. 

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