Sessions Cowers As Robert Mueller's Inquisition Continues Unabated- Here's What He Is Demanding Now!

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

The leftist website Axios reviewed the absurd subpoena that Robert Mueller's team sent a witness as a result of that Grand Jury order; it revealed exactly what the special counsel is attempting to foist upon America and the Trump administration using his leftist henchmen to do the dirty work.  This is a particularly disturbing move because Mueller is subpoenaing all of the communications including emails, texts notes even handwritten that this witness either sent or received from the following people:

Carter Page - Corey Lewandowski - Donald J. Trump - Hope Hicks - Keith Schiller - Michael Cohen - Paul Manafort - Rick Gates - Roger Stone - Steve Bannon

Mueller is demanding every communique dating back from November 1, 2016, which is the period beginning about six months after Trump announced that he would seek the presidency.     

As America watches this witch hunt unfold most realize that this much more than an embarrassment cruise or even a witch hunt.  This is about both delegitimizing the Trump presidency and finding any grounds, even if manufactured to recommend charges for impeachment.  This is about overthrowing the duly elected president of the United States.  This is a plan to destroy the constitution using a third world style coup which includes a false narrative which will be drilled into the minds of America by a crooked and willing leftist press.   But in the meanwhile, Mueller will use any information he gathers to help his friends in the Democrat party and the American left.

Imagine what all those campaign messages might mean to the Democrats who just lost the presidential election.  This constitutes a treasure trove of campaign information and opposition research.  It is glaringly unconstitutional and illegal which of course means nothing to Mueller. 

The fact that Mueller is serving as “Grand Inquisitor” with his criminal past is stunning.  He should not be leading the charge, rather he should be under indictment from a grand jury for his role in covering up the Uranium One deal and for this illegal special counsel which serves at the pleasure of the felon Rod Rosenstein and the demons with whom he works.

This is how they get a look under the skirts of the Trump Campaign.   This is how they steel the election secrets that bedeviled their best minds and the campaign of Hillary Clinton.  In reality, the information they garner, may be less fruitful than they hope.  The problem with their last campaign was they had a boring, shrill, lazy candidate with worn out ideas and rejected ideals.  But that won’t stop dirty cop Mueller from doing all the damage he can.

The real question is, how long will the cowardly Jeff Sessions stand by and let this president and his family be the subject of this unholy inquisition?  How long will he allow the criminal enterprise known as the special counsel, continue to tie members of team Trump to the stake and build the burning pile around them. 

While this debacle ensues, under the nose of Sessions, the real villain, Hillary Clinton, who is guilty of more crimes than can be tallied here, writes books, enjoying the fruits of her crooked labors.  From pay to play, extortion, kickbacks, bribery, outright selling of state secrets, Uranium One treason, a hackable server for those willing to pay, she and her fellow conspirators including special counsel Robert Mueller who is responsible for the Uranium One coverup, are living large and having a ball torturing Trump and betraying America.  

Unimaginably there is still no one with prosecutorial authority looking in to these crimes or the Clinton- DNC paid for, fraudulent Steele dossier which was used as a part of a criminal conspiracy to obtain a tainted FISA warrant to spy on an opposition candidate and his team … this is political espionage.  

This is not about justice.  This is about covering up a crime that no one, has of yet even spoken.  It is Treason.  The GOP establishment, the U.S. left and the Democrats in league with globalists like Soros, his Tides foundation and countless other of his foundations have been busy under the criminal Obama Regime steering this country toward a managed destruction.   

Why aren't investigators issuing subpoenas to Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the leadership at the FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA and others involved in the crimes of the Obama dark ages, for their obvious crimes?  Why haven’t their emails, texts and handwritten notes as well as recording of their phone conversations been subpoenaed?  Why isn’t Hillary in jail for destroying evidence?  Every day Mueller is allowed to continue this vile inquisition, he is being given time to destroy more of the damning evidence of criminality on his part and the part of Clinton, in countless scandals involving government officials at the highest level of government, intelligence, and law enforcement including traitors within the Obama White House, including the oval office.  

Mueller is out of control and must be shut down. After Mueller's witch hunt is shut down, he should be investigated by a special counsel.  We need to find out just how deep and how wide this expanse of treason is, and we need to, as Hillary said, “hang from nooses” those involved in the attempted overthrow of this country.

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