Trey Gowdy Has Some Advice For Trump On How To Handle Rod Rosenstein

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By: Nick Gavis

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said it would be unwise of President Donald Trump to fire deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein while appearing on "Fox News Sunday."

"The president is the head of the executive branch. He doesn't have to run his hiring and firing decisions by us," Gowdy told Chris Wallace. "If he's upset with Rod Rosenstein because Rod Rosenstein is not producing documents to Congress - that's a legitimate thing to be upset about."

If Trump wants to fire Rosenstein only to disrupt Robert Mueller, that would be inappropriate and unwarranted, Gowdy said.

"If he's upset with Rod Rosenstein because he wants to get at Bob Mueller and that's the way he's going to do it - taking the advice of Steve Bannon, which I would strongly recommend against, then no, I don't think that's appropriate," Gowdy concluded. "Does [Trump] have the power to get rid of Rod Rosenstein? Yes, he does. Do I think it's wise? I don't."

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