Facebook Terminates "Conspiratorial" Infowars -- But Terrorist Fatah, FARC, ANTIFA Still Have Pages

Jake Baker  ·  August 09, 2018  ·  Featured, Media-Entertainment, Elections, Foreign Policy, Obama Regime, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

On Monday the leftist-run Facebook pretended to cave to the hateful media mob demanding the killing of Info Wars and permanently banning their page.  But this has been in the cards for some time, the media pressure just gave them an excuse.  This move was no surprise but still stunning that platforms like Facebook are becoming so blatantly anti-anything that is not leftist claptrap.  

Like lemmings marching to the sea, the Facebook move was duplicated by Google-YouTube shortly afterward.   The tech behemoths launched a tyrannical and coordinated attack on someone they described as “conspiratorial” Alex Jones and his “hateful” site alleging that his content violated their standards of truth, offensive content.  Of course, it is only offensive if you happen to be a leftist demagogue, Democrat, or communist news media such as CNN, MSNBC or their fellow travelers at the networks and mainstream media. 

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But the question remains.  From who do you believe you would get more truth in a broadcast, Alex Jones or anybody at CNN or MSNBC?

However, while Facebook, Google-YouTube, and the American left demand censorship and elimination all together of conservatives and conservative content they have no problem with the terrorist organizations which have found a comfortable home on their platforms.  


Domestic Terrorists ANTIFA still have many pages on Facebook complete with propaganda and videos, as does the Palestinian Authority who works hand and glove with the terrorists in Lebanon, as well as Hamas and Hezbollah who pay the families of terrorists that are suicide bombers.

The Communist FARC terrorists from Colombia still have a page on Facebook with 92,000 likes.

Palestinian Fatah has a popular Facebook page with 120,000 likes.  The Fatah page regularly glorifies female terrorists and suicide bombers.  Image from the Palestinaian Fatah Facebook page - still active.

The Belthlehem Branch of Fatah has a post glorifying a 17-year-old Jew-killing terrorist.

And videos by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki litter the Facebook platform.

But "conspiratorial" Infowars is too controversial for their pages?

The bottom line remains.  CNN, MSNBC have foisted a false conspiracy of Russian collusion on the American people, which has led to violence, hatred, terrorism and the destruction of the fabric of America ... but these wild unproven and unprovable conspiracy theories that are destroying this country, they are ok ... at least as far as the Social Media Tryants are concerned. 

But at some point in time we the people are going to have to say enough is enough.  We are going to have to speak through FEC complaints, and lawsuits on the county, state and federal level.  Evil in any form must be eradicated.  The goal must be to develop our own platforms that we the people control.  We need to do so quickly and we need to form an exodus day when we all ... as conservatives ... by the millions all leave Facebook, You-Tube and Google and the other leftist social media platforms at a given hour, a given minute on a given day.  This will bankrupt them and finally justice will have been served.   


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