Listening to Dems One Wonders - Is There Anybody Brett Kavanaugh Knows That He Hasn’t Raped Or Exposed Himself To?

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By: Dr. Jake Baker -TapWires News Service

This headline is of course meant to mock those would bring these absurd charges against Trump's Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.   But to be sure this is not a series of random events.   This is a well planned and orchestrated hit job on Donald Trump via Brett Kavanaugh.   

I don’t believe that this hit job on Brett Kavanaugh is only about despicable Democrats taking political long knives to Brett Kavanaugh, I believe there are other, dark powers at work. This is charade is part of a larger plan to destroy Kavanaugh as a way of destroying Donald Trump.  After all, if they can do this to squeaky clean Brett Kavanaugh, who in their right mind would ever want to be nominated to the Supreme Court by Trump.  Who would ever volunteer to through this political hell with Democrats playing the Devil’s minions.     

But the clues are there.   For instance I was surprised when Mitch McConnell stood before a conservative crowd at the Value Voters Summit and said, “In the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court,” McConnell said to applause from religious conservatives Friday, “So my friends, keep the faith, don't get rattled by all of this. We're going to plow right through it and do our job.”

Strange words of support for a nominee who is in trouble with even some Republicans.  I suspect that this was not an endorsement or vote of confidence for Brett Kavanaugh but a carefully scripted plan to provide cover for McConnell when they finished destroying the nomination, the life and the reputation of Brett Kavanaugh leaving him crucified in the city square as a warning to anyone else who might come after him.

Here are a few clues as to what is really going on.  Senator Charles Grassley said:  I feel like I'm playing 2nd trombone in the judiciary orchestra and Schumer is the conductor."  Why would Grassley feel like he is in second chair in the Judiciary Committee when he is the chairman of that committee.   Is he receiving orders from leadership?  And why would he believe that Schumer not McConnell is the conductor of this judiciary band?   Perhaps it is because McConnell is intentionally allowing Schumer to lead this attack against Trump’s nominee in this despicable fiasco. 

Seems the Dems have learned well from McConnell.   McConnell orchestrated a barrage of attacks in the Judge Moore case to destroy him politically, socially and every other way possible.  That play was so successful that the Dems picked up the blueprint and are building the same model and employing it against Kavanaugh.  Now the question really boils down to whether or not McConnell is aiding in this perverse plan to destroy Kavanaugh or simply letting it happen. 

My guess is the former not the latter.   I believe that McConnell is very much involved in this strategy and has helped bring this destructive nuclear political swarm down on Kavanaugh’s and by transference Trump’s head.  One might ask, why would McConnell do such a vile thing, betraying his own party?  Simple.  McConnell has no party he is a globalist.  He detests Donald Trump with every fiber of his being.   McConnell like many globalists believe that Trump is destroying the world order … and they are right.

Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer parroted international terror sponsor George Soros saying that Trump is destroying the world order.  This is a common view across the leadership of the EU.   That world order is doing everything it can to end America as a super power via crisis and bring the entire world under the domination of a world governance regime.  And that is what lies at the crux of the globalist’s hatred of Donald Trump.  

Politicians like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, George Bush, Jeb Bush and their ilk have spent their lives and their families have dedicated entire generations before them, building the new world order to take down the United States and deceive the world into acceptance of Global Governance.  And here is this political novice Donald Trump, destroying or at least delaying, decades perhaps even a century of work and devious planning.   They can see all they have accomplished unraveling before their very eyes.   

Because of that, Trump must be stopped. To that end the left, globalists and Democratic leadership had a conference call last week to share their strategy to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.  But that plan did not appear out of thin air it had its origins back in July and was predicted or perhaps designed by one of the most unprincipled and vicious Democratic operatives around, Ricki Seidman who is even now an advisor to Christine Blasey Ford. 

This set up and subsequent destruction of Kavanaugh and his entire life, is all a part of a grand strategy to stop Trump’s assault on the World Order through the Supreme Court.   If Kavanaugh is confirmed it could literally cripple their globalist plans for decades.  So, he and Trump must be taken out at any cost.   These people are vicious, dedicated, shameless, amoral and will do anything and everything necessary … because in their Machiavellian world … the end, justifies the means no matter what. 

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