Maggots in Never Never Land - and the Democratic Party

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Let me see if I have all of this right so far.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accuses Judge Brett Kavanaugh of attempted forceable sexual abuse and rape.   She can’t remember the time or the place, but she just knows it happened.   The four witnesses whom she named, all deny that this event, supposedly involving Brett Kavanaugh, happened.  One of those witnesses of the alleged incident is a life-long friend of Ford – but insists she knows nothing of any of this.  

Why is that an event that, according to Ford, traumatized her for years is so vague in her mind that she cannot remember the time, place or even the year this assault allegedly happened?  Wouldn’t one naturally assume that such an event would be painfully clear in your mind? Critics say that it was just too traumatic and she blocked it out. 

Or maybe there is a simpler explanation.   How does one defend themselves against such vague charges?  You cannot present any alibi because there is not even an exact year of the event ...just an allegation of sexual assault floating there in the ether.  

There is no exact place, except a two-story house with a pool near a country club, where the assault allegedly took place.  How does one contact the owner of the home and pursue the truth? If the victim refuses to nail down the details, they cannot be verified or refuted.  A clear no-win situation for Kavanaugh.  

None of the four people that Ford says were at the house is the owner or the son or daughter of the owner of the house.   So, how did Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth and Leland Ingham Keyser all manage to enter the house?  Were the owners gone and they just broke in and had a party?  Wouldn’t that be breaking and entering?  Was there a witness that Blasey Ford omitted, like the owner or the son or daughter of the owner, and if so why the omission?

Then there is the letter hidden from the Judiciary Committee by Dirty Dianne Feinstein.  Now we know why.  Christine Blasey Ford is a well published PhD, yet the letter finally turned over to the Judiciary Committee by Feinstein, is written on a 6th grade level.   Maybe we should be asking who really wrote this letter.  If you compare Blasey Ford’s writing style and this letter they were obviously not written by the same person.  This is a fraud.  So, what is the real origin of the letter?

Then there is the polygraph.  We still haven’t seen what was on the polygraph that Dr. Ford supposedly “passed.”  Maybe we should first define the term “passed” and then we need to see the test to find out what it is she passed.  We need to know when and where it was taken.  What was the lead up to the test?  There are a million questions but only one conclusion … this is all nonsense.  

Then we had Ms. Ramariz.  According to the New York Times, Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a Yale party.  But once again there are some problems.  First the story contained a report that Ramariz had spoken to many of her friends and said that she was very drunk, had memory holes from that night and she wasn’t sure it was Kavanaugh who exposed himself.   But when the New York Times re-edited the story that repudiation of the story was left out. Why?  I think we all know why.

Now Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti has slithered forward, once again at the 11th hour, with a witness who says that Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge attended parties where they drugged and spiked the punch bowl with alcohol to incapacitate the women at the party, which allowed them to be gang raped by Kavanaugh and or his friends. 

This just keeps getting more and more bizarre and over the top.  Are we really expected to accept the accusation that Brett Kavanaugh was busy drugging and raping women while he was in high school and that nobody – not his friends, his classmates, the teachers, local police, nobody - knew he was the leader of a serial rape gang. 

We have also found out that Swetnick graduated from high school in 1980.  What would she be doing hanging around with a group of minors at high school parties where gang rapes were taking place?  Even after she was supposedly gang raped, her statement says that she went to several of these gang rape parties. 

That's insane.  If you had already been gang raped why would you continue to attend parties where you knew there were going to be gang rapes?  She did say she stopped drinking the punch. 

But this is stunning.  You say you know that these parties are thrown for the purpose of gang rape and yet you continue to attend tham? You don't inform the police, call the FBI ... or do something to save other girls from the horror you went through?  

Then there is this from Right Scoop:  In the New York Times’ write-up on slime-ball Avenatti’s new client, they add an interesting and revealing paragraph on Julie Swetnick’s gang-rape accusations against Kavanaugh:

None of Ms. Swetnick’s claims could be independently corroborated by The New York Times, and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, declined to make her available for an interview.

The Times is used to going the extra-mile to try and corroborate claims like these. For instance, they interviewed ‘dozens’ of people from Yale trying to corroborate Ramirez’s claims, yet were unable to do so. So if they say they couldn’t independently corroborate her story, I would assume it’s not for a lack of trying.

Finally, Michael Avenatti said he is not making his client available for media interviews.  AApparently, Avenatti is afraid that her story is crap and will collapse as fast as Cristina Miranda King's story when she was interviewed on NPR.  During that interview she admitted she lied about being able to corroborate Ford's story and confessed that she knew nothing about the alleged Kavanaugh attack ... but that she thought it was true and felt empowered to support the allegation.

Then there is the “open to interpretation” year book entries about the Kavanaugh group of friends who were supposedly members of a club that all had sex with one girl.  Both Kavanaugh and the subject of the story, Renate  Schroeder Dolphin, say that the Renate Alumni had nothing to do with sex.  

But one of Kavanaugh’s classmates insists that is exactly what the Renate Alumni was when he offered the story to the Times.  That former classmate, the NYT referred to as Mr. Madaleno, said he was shocked that these horrible inferences were allowed to be published, demanding that this should never have happened.  But there is one little problem.  Here is what we learned from 30 ABC St Louis.

It turns out that one of the sources was identified as Richard S. Madaleno Jr., a Progressive State Senator in Maryland, who recently ran for the Democratic nomination for Governor. His campaign featured a lot of anti-Trump material, including making out with his homosexual partner, as the, "number one way to piss off Donald Trump and the Republicans." The video did not get much attention because Madeleno only finished fifth in the primary.

The other source in the Times article was William Fishburne, a campaign surrogate for Madaleno. Both men attended Georgetown Prep. Kavanaugh denied the allegations made in the article and many said that Madaleno and Fishbourne were not close enough to the group to know anything about them.

But here is the real kicker.  Richard S. Madaleno Jr. was the editor of the year book.  So despite his reported protestations, he is the one that allowed the publication.  That means Madaleno is just another vicious, leftist, smear merchant. 

So, now Democrats would have us believe that Kavanaugh was and is guilty of attempted rape, sexual battery, exposing himself at parties, where the supposed victim was so drunk she was slurring and has memory holes about the night and is not even sure that it was Kavanaugh who exposed himself … but it might have been.   Then there is sleezy lawyer Michael Avenatti, who would have us believe that Brett Kavanaugh was part of, or perhaps the leader of, a brutal rape gang that operated for years while he was still in high school.   Really?

How did he do it all?  Kavanaugh really had a busy criminal life.  I mean with all the assaulting, and battering and attempted raping, the indecent exposing and actual gang raping, drugging and punch bowl spiking ... How did he find time to study?  How did he maintain the GPA needed to get into law school? 

And how did he keep all of this secret for more than three decades?  How does a guy who runs a rape gang, drugs women, is a sexual predator and pervert keep it secret for more than thirty years?  And how many of his female colleagues has he assaulted or flashed in the contravening years?  According to public testimony … none … ever.

That is, of course, the next problem in this Democrat dumpster fire.  Sixty-five women with whom he worked, who worked for him, who he dated in high school or college or siblings of women he dated all signed a letter saying that it is impossible that Brett Kavanaugh could or would do any of these things.  Over two hundred people have come forward to attest to his sterling character.    

So how was all of this madness cooked up?   By piecing together different news reports we now have discovered that the mainstream media spent the entire summer working with Democrat operatives looking for people they could badger into making accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.   Reports are coming out of women who were pestered on a continued basis to say bad things about Brett Kavanaugh by both the media and the Democrats.   This was an organized and surgically deployed Democrat operation in collusion with the mainstream media.  

This strategy was covered in a conference call back in July.  This from a TapWires Story via TGP.

In a July conference call to Democrat leaders, Ricki Seidman - a Democratic operative, former Clinton White House official and current advisor to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - laid out a strategy to defeat the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

What we are seeing is that strategy being played out.   This is not a series of random events.  This is a well-planned, well-executed political assassination of Donald Trump through his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  The left knows that if confirmed Kavanaugh will change the court in the direction of the constitution for decades to come.  The left hates the constraints of the constitution and vows instead to lead us into an age of Democratic Socialism and world governance.  Trump and Kavanaugh stand in the way of that dark leftist vision. 

Therefore, whatever has to be done must be done.  If that means lying, defaming, destroying suborning perjury, committing perjury … the end justifies the means.  In the most vicious, vile, filthy Machiavellian plan ever witnessed in U.S. politics, the Democrats have proven there is no depth to which they will not sink.   They and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media have become maggots in Never-Never Land, feeding on the political feces they have created.  If they were simply loathsome it would be a giant step up from what they have become.   

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